Season 2

31. srpna 2011 v 10:25 | Adelle

2x01 Audition
2x02 Britney/Brittany
2x03 Grilled Cheesus
2x04 Duets
2x05 Rocky Horror Glee Show
2x06 Never Been Kissed
2x07 The Substitute
2x08 Furt
2x09 Special Education
2x10 A very glee Christmas
2x11 Super Bowl
2x12 Silly Love Songs
2x13 Comeback
2x14 Blame it on the Alcohol
2x15 Sexy
2x16 Original Song
2x17 A Night OF Neglect
2x18 Born This Way
2x19 Rumours
2x20 The Prom Queen
2x21 Funeral
2x22 Nationals

more informations about episodes coming soon

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